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Lakeland task force to tackle gang crimes

Polk County, Florida -- A task force aimed at fighting gang crimes in Lakeland met tonight.

The city council Is heading up the effort.

The meeting focused on efforts to find 1,000 mentors that can serve as role models to troubled teens, and plans to create a partnership between law enforcement and the school board to help students who may be feeling pressured to join a gang.

Case of Tuberculosis confirmed at Lake Gibson High School in Polk County

Lakeland, Florida - There is a confirmed case of Tuberculosis at Lake Gibson High School in Polk County.

Now more than one hundred classmates are set to get tested to see if they're infected with the contagious bacterial invection as well.

The Lake Gibson High student, who tested positive for TB on Friday, is now resting and recovering at home.

Report: Plane broke apart mid-air in 2012 crash

LAKE WALES, Florida (AP) - A National Transportation Safety Board details how a small plane carrying a Kansas businessman, his wife and their four children plunged to the ground after parts of both wings and the horizontal stabilizer broke off in mid-air.

But the report released Monday doesn't say why the June 7, 2012, crash occurred. Agency spokesman Eric Weiss says a probable cause report will be released in six to eight weeks.

Charges dropped in North Port officer's sexual battery case

North Port, Florida -- Criminal charges have been dropped against the North Port Police officer charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Back in March this year, Melanie Turner was arrested and charged in the incident.

Free 'active shooter' class in Lakeland

Lakeland, Florida -- In Polk County, the Lakeland Police Department is offering a free "active shooter" class to certain people interested in preparing for -- and reacting to -- a shooting situation.

Armed deputies on Polk County school buses

Bartow, Florida -- Armed officers on the bus.

That's what's taking place in Polk County after a fight broke out, leaving one teen unconscious and two others behind bars.

The fight happened on Monday and on Friday, the victim in that video is back on the bus for the first time.

Winter Haven teacher receives WWII letter

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- A soldier's letter that's been bouncing around in the mail since World War II is about to make one final trip with the United State Postal Service.