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Armed deputies on Polk County school buses | News

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Armed deputies on Polk County school buses

Bartow, Florida -- Armed officers on the bus.

That's what's taking place in Polk County after a fight broke out, leaving one teen unconscious and two others behind bars.

The fight happened on Monday and on Friday, the victim in that video is back on the bus for the first time.

"It wasn't right. It wasn't right at all," says the victim.

But this time, the victim -- who we aren't identifying because of our crime guidelines -- isn't just riding with his classmates. There's somebody else on board.

Ever since the fight, the Polk County School District has decided to hire off-duty deputies to ride along on 12 different routes.

"We're going to be their best friend and to those being disruptive, we're going to be their worst nightmare, because we will arrest them and take them down to the juvenile detention center," says Polk Sheriff Grady Judd.

But even on Friday with a deputy on board, things didn't seem calm. Video shows students hanging out of windows and being loud.

"Kids still going to do what they want to do," says one student.

The bus driver even complains.

"Several of them got off the bus already, I couldn't control it," says the bus driver.

Still, some students hope another violent fight doesn't happen again.

"It will hopefully change our bus. We need to be better," says one student.

For now, deputies will be on the buses until the end of the school year, until the district comes up with a security plan next year.

Sheriff Judd says he's OK with putting deputies on the buses, but he's not happy with it; he says if parents raised their kids properly, we wouldn't be dealing with these issues and suggests that parents are the ones who should be put on the bus to monitor these kids.


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