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Lakeland police have history of sex on job | News

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Lakeland police have history of sex on job

LAKELAND, Florida - On the heels of the report from the State Attorney's Office that indicated a culture of sex at the Lakeland Police Department, the 10 News Investigators have found numerous other cases of LPD officers having sex on the job.

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FDLE documents confirm at least three officers have been investigated for having sex on the job in Lakeland since 2001:

  • Officer Kerman O'Brein was accused of making six separate visits to an unidentified woman's residence between Aug. 8 and Sept. 1, 2005.  LPD contends O'Brien was on-duty during three of the visits to her home, which was outside the city limits.  O'Brien left the agency just before FDLE got the paperwork to investigate.
  • Officer Michael Chin was suspended after he was accused of sex on the job in 2001.
  • Officer Jesus Rodriguez allegedly engaged in oral sex with an 18-year-old employee of Walgreens in the store's front parking lot while working detail.  And even though he was in-uniform, he was found to have "no moral character violation" because of rules that say "the sex act must occur during the officer's primary hours of employment with his employing agency." 

And while the Lakeland officers implicated Wednesday had no previous record of sexual misconduct, many of the officers in the report had been suspended or investigated for other problems before:

  • Officer Derek Gulledge was suspended for 42 hours in 2011 for misusing DAVID, the state's driver database
  • Officer Rawn Haynes was suspended for two days in 1999 for battery on an ex-girlfriend.  He was also investigated for allegedly leaving a loaded firearm within reach of two friends of his son riding in the back of his cruiser.  10 News couldn't determine if Haynes was disciplined for the negligence charge.
  • Lt. Al Wilson was accused in 2007 of misusing his position to help his wife, a sergeant, schedule police detail.  He allegedly gave his computer password to her to facilitate the scheduling.  He was reprimanded; his wife was demoted.

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