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2 schools compete in 'ecological wrestling match' | Environment

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2 schools compete in 'ecological wrestling match'
2 schools compete in 'ecological wrestling match'

Polk County, Florida-- The friendly high school rivalry between George Jenkins High School (GJHS) and Lakeland High School (LHS) sparked an effort to reduce monthly energy consumption.

LHS challenged GJHS to an “ecological wrestling match” asking students to see which school could reduce energy usage the most throughout April.

The WWE Conservation Smackdown or the Waste Weary Energy Conservation Smackdown raised awareness about saving energy.

Event Organizer and Lakeland High School AP Environmental Teacher Brandy Clark says, “I thought it would be a good way to educate the students and staff of both campuses about the importance of sustainability and energy usage.”

Students came up with creative ways to deliver their energy saving message.

LHS’ Green Team spoke about “energy vampires” that “suck up” energy even if they’re switched off. These included electronic devices such as: programmable coffee makers, DVD machines, TVs and computers. Students even created a challenge video to be aired on GJHS’ student produced network, Eagle News Network.

LHS students created posters and sent reminder emails to bring home the message.

When the “match” was over and the score tabulated, George Jenkins High School reduced its monthly electricity bill by $7,841.83 and Lakeland High School reduced its monthly bill by $7,341.89.

Lakeland Electric gave the winning team a $250 cash award.

Of the competition LHS Teacher Brandy Clark says, “In the end, the real winner was the planet.”

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