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Police: Three arrested in love triangle attack

Winter Haven, Florida - Winter Haven police arrested three people after they say they attacked a woman as a result of an apparent "love triangle."

Officers say a married couple, Robert Fields and Heather Fields, conspired to beat up a woman who had been in a relationship with Robert Fields for a few months. The wife, authorities say, "wanted revenge."

According to investigators, the Fields and another man, Vernon McGilbra, met the victim at an apartment. Heather Fields and McGilbra hid behind a wall while Robert Fields approached the victim, grabbed her hair, and punched her in the face.  This is when authorities say Heather and McGilbra came from behind the wall with a baseball bat.

Officers say the victim was able to stab Robert in the stomach with a switchblade knife and run to safety inside the apartment. 

Sleeping man run over in carwash

Sleeping man run over in carwash

LAKELAND, Florida (AP) - Authorities say a homeless man was sleeping in a Lakeland gas station carwash when a truck ran over his legs.

Police say 59-year-old John Tyer went into the carwash Tuesday to get out of the rain. He told an emergency responder that he had been drinking earlier that day.

Later that afternoon, police say 32-year-old Paul Stiles drove his 2005 Dodge Ram into the carwash and ran over Tyer's legs. Stiles told police he initially thought it was part of the mechanism that triggers the carwash. When he realized it was a person, he put the truck in reverse and ran over Tyer again.

Polk Sheriff: No free underwear for inmates

Bartow, Florida -- Leave it to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd to find an interesting way to save money. He's now focusing on inmates' underwear.

Sheriff Judd says beginning in August, prisoners will have to pay for their own underwear. Boxers will be $4 and briefs will be $2.50.

Judd says if prisoners don't want to buy them, then they'll be going commando.

"For those who want underwear, they can buy underwear," says Judd.  "For those who don't, they can let the breeze blow up one leg and down the other."

By not paying for the inmates' underwear, the Judd says $45,000 a year will be saved.


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Atheist claims harassment by Polk sheriff

Lakeland, Florida (AP) - A Florida atheist says Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd keeps having her arrested because she's not a Christian.

EllenBeth Wachs sued Judd Friday in federal court in Tampa, claiming her two recent arrests were retaliation for "assertion of (her) non-religious, atheist viewpoint in the predominantly Christian-oriented Polk County."

Wachs first tangled with Judd last winter after he uprooted the Polk County jail's basketball hoops and donated them to local churches. Her group claimed that was an unconstitutional use of public property.

Since then Judd's agency has charged her with minor crimes, including illegally posing as a lawyer, possession of marijuana and simulating sex sounds from inside her home within earshot of a neighbor's 10-year-old son.

Judd's spokeswoman declined to comment on pending litigation.

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Police searching for bearded lady

Lakeland, Florida -- Police in Lakeland are searching for a wanted woman with an unusual physical characteristic: she has facial hair.

Investigators say 61-year-old Gwendolyn Shack has active warrants for dealing in stolen property and trespassing.

Shack is 5'5" in height and wears glasses.  A photograph of her distributed by Lakeland Police shows Shack with a fully grown goattee.

Police ask for anyone who has information on Shack's whereabouts to call Lakeland PD at 863-834-6900 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-8477.

Police: Man kills baby rabbits with hands

Police: Man kills baby rabbits with hands

Winter Haven, Florida -- Winter Haven Police say a 34-year-old man killed the family rabbits in a fit of rage.

Reginald Sear, Jr. is being charged with three counts of animal cruelty and two counts of child abuse.

Detectives say Sear got into an argument with his wife, Christina Sear, over the scheduled feeding of the baby rabbits.  

Reginald proceeded into the bathroom where he killed the three pet baby rabbits with his bare hands.M