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Trio tries to cover burglary by claiming to be like 'Steve Irwin' | Weird

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Trio tries to cover burglary by claiming to be like 'Steve Irwin'

Winter Haven, Florida-- According to the Winter Haven Police Department, police caught a trio burglarizing a residence, and arrested them, despite their differing attempts to cover up their actions.

On Wednesday, April 12, police received a complaint from an alert citizen, and at approximately 11:30 a.m., arrived to the home in question where Evelyn Belmont, 24, stood outside. 

She asked the police if they knew if the property was for rent. 

According to the police, it was obvious that her actions were to distract, and give her accomplices an opportunity to exit the residence.

A K-9 officer arrived on scene and gave a verbal warning about sending the dog into the home.  

The two men with Belmont, Garadis Moultrie, 20, and Nathaniel Mitchell, Jr., 21, came out of the residence with their hands up. 

All three initially gave police different reasons for being at the property.    

Moultrie stated that he was in the area looking for a new residence for himself and his girlfriend, because the area has a high law enforcement presence and would be a much safer place to raise a child.

Mitchell stated that he was there to purchase some marijuana from someone who took his money and ran before handing over the marijuana, so Mitchell chased him.

Belmont told police that while she was looking for apartments with the other two, she looked in the windows and saw what she first thought was a person, but then determined it to be a black snake. 

She stated that Mitchell is, "a lot like Steve Irwin" and that he always tries to catch things like snakes, so Mitchell and Moultrie went inside to catch the snake. 

Police arrested the trio, charged them with Residential Burglary and took them to Polk County Jail.  

Belmont and Mitchell were out on bail for snatching the purse of an 86 year-old woman on March 23, 2012. 


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