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Feds give Scott more time on high speed rail | People

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Feds give Scott more time on high speed rail
Feds give Scott more time on high speed rail

Washington, DC -- U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is giving Governor Rick Scott some extra time to change his mind about federal funds for high speed rail.

The two met Friday in Washington, a day after Scott rejected a last-ditch effort by local leaders in the Tampa Bay to Orlando corridor to save the $2.3 billion in federal funds.

Here is the statement sent to 10 News from DOT Secretary LaHood:

"This morning I met with Governor Rick Scott to discuss the high speed rail project that will create jobs and economic development for the entire state of Florida. He asked me for additional information about the state's role in this project, the responsibilities of the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as how the state would be protected from liability. I have decided to give Governor Scott additional time to review the agreement crafted by local officials from Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland and Miami, and to consult with his staff at the state Department of Transportation. He has committed to making a final decision by the end of next week. I feel we owe it to the people of Florida, who have been working to bring high speed rail to their state for the last 20 years, to go the extra mile."

Governor Scott has said the spending is not merited. He criticized President Barack Obama's spending plans while also saying he didn't believe the rail project would meet ridership estimates of just more than three million a year.

Friday afternoon, Scott released a statement in response to LaHood giving him more time.

"My position on high speed rail remains unchanged.  I believe high speed rail is a federal boondoggle.  Secretary LaHood has extended his own deadline.  It is important to note that I have yet to see any proposal that accomplishes my goal of eliminating risk to Florida's taxpayers," Scott said.

Scott says unless the deal on the table changes in the next week, he will reject the 84 mile high speed train from Tampa ro Orlando.

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