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Rap video includes Polk Sheriff | People

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Rap video includes Polk Sheriff
Rap video includes Polk Sheriff

Winter Haven, Florida - Swaying to the beat and gesturing with his hands, Demarin Burgess gives 10 News a sample of his rapping. "That's my word, I'm never giving up."

The 18-year-old high school senior says he loves to rap. "I get that feeling with it-just excited."

And a music video the teen helped create is gathering some steam on YouTube. The song called "Never Say Can't" encourages kids to reach for their dreams.

"To never give up, just to keep going; they don't want to sit back and be looking at themselves-like wow, I should have did this," says Burgess.

The video features some mighty cute kids and towards the end a familiar face also pops up. It's Polk Sheriff Grady Judd, acting like he's stopping a fight between two boys.

And while he's not a huge fan of rap, "not my type of music," Judd is a big fan of the video's message. "I saw the end product and the kids will connect to that and it will show them that you can live to reach your dreams, if you're disciplined and if you finish school and if you do what's right," says Judd.

Besides the Sheriff, the music video also features some local business people and members of the Winter Haven fire department. "It was pretty cool to be on that side of the production-to see how it's made," says Lt. Steven Clanton.

Rap may have the rep of being violent, but those involved with this video say they're positive its positive message can make a difference. Here's a sample of the lyrics: "I never say can't and I never give up, 'cuz the sky's the limit and I fly with the birds."


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