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Woman accused of killing lotto winner vows to fight for his house | People

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Woman accused of killing lotto winner vows to fight for his house
Woman accused of killing lotto winner vows to fight for his house

Lakeland, Florida - Dee Dee Moore, the woman accused of befriending a Lakeland lotto winner, stealing his money, and then killing him, is fighting to keep the house detectives say she stole from him.

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Moore claims she can prove she received the home legally but there are questions about whether Shakespeare's signature was faked on documents so that Moore could take his home.

In court documents released on Friday, Moore writes several letters to Polk County Judge Neil Roddenbery claiming that Shakespeare begged her to buy his home located at Red Hawk Bend Drive. She maintains that he wanted to get out of town so people could stop hounding him for money and child support payments.

Moore says several witnesses saw the deal go down. From behind bars, she claims she never took advantage of the 30 million dollar lotto winner, Abraham Shakespeare. She says she purchased his 4,600 square foot home from him fair and square four months before he was murdered.

She also tells the judge that she has items from when she was a child inside that house that can't be replaced. She adds that she didn't need Shakespeare's money because she was a successful businesswoman.

The house in question is located in a small gated subdivision of  Redhawk. It features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool. Moore writes to the judge that she'll hire an attorney to sue so she can keep it. She says when it was appraised before she purchased it the house was worth $535,000.

It's a house Shakespeare paid more than a million dollars for.

Dee Dee Moore remains in jail where she's been for a year. She's charged with first degree murder.

Shakespeare, who was found shot to death in January of 2010, left behind two young sons after going missing in 2009. An attorney is now trying to recoup any of Shakespeare's assets so that his children can be taken care of.


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