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Polk County municipal elections results | News

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Polk County municipal elections results

Polk County, Florida -- Here are the results of tonight's municipal elections in Polk County.


City Commission Seat 4 At Large

Patricia "Trish" Burdin-Pfeiffer 851

Gerald J. Cochran 159

Joe DeLegge 501

James L. Slaughter 100


Commissioner Seat 1

W. Tom Fellows (i) 239

Tom Hardman 204

Commissioner Seat 2

Deborah S. Burress 152

H.B. "Rob" Robinson (i) 136

Bill Smith 152

Haines City

City Commission Seat 2

LaRon Rodriquez Adams 132

Julio "Ricky" Morales 310

Horace West (i) 781

Question 1

Fill vacancies on city commission by commission appointment or special election

For 758

Against 469

Question 2

Three days' notice be required before a special commission meeting is held

For 1001

Against 225

Question 3

Establish guidelines for expenditures other than city employee compensation

For 964

Against 251

Lake Hamilton

Town Council Seat 1

Cora Perry Roberson (i) 147

Howard J. Shelton, Sr. 121

Town Council Seat 3

Barrett O'Neill 174

Richard Swanson (i) 102

Polk City

City Council Seat No. 2

Cathy Gabany 161

Don Kimsey (i) 235

City Council Seat No. 4

Gail Funk 177

Joe LaCascia (i) 219

City Council Seat No. 5

Trudy Block (i) 176

Wanda Cooper Harris 222

Charter Amendment 1

Changing city's name from City of Polk City to "Polk City"

YES 291

NO 76

Charter Amendment 2

Changing Charter references from "town" to "city"

YES 249

NO 112

Charter Amendment 3

Changing government body from Council to Commission and from Council Member to Commissioner

YES 202

NO 175

Charter Amendment 4

Delete automatic cost of living pay raises for council increase pay by ordinance only

Yes 241

No 143

Charter Amendment 5

Require 10 day advance advertisement of public hearings for ordinances

Yes 298

No 83


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