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Dog reunited after 5 yrs. lost | News

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Dog reunited after 5 yrs. lost
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Dog reunited after 5 yrs. lost

Lakeland, FL - The Polk County Animal Control reunited a dog and his owners after 5 years apart.

The following was posted on The Polk County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page:

On Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, the Polk County Animal Control Section received a call regarding a stray dog in the area of Fort Socrum Village Boulevard, Lakeland.

Animal Control Officers responded and took the dog back to the PCSO Animal Control Shelter. As with all stray animals, the dog was scanned for a possible microchip-it had one. The owner was contacted. "Cane," for Candy Cane, had been missing for five years.

Kendra Claridy adopted Cane from the shelter in October 2005, where he had been mcirochipped, and had him for six months before he vanished from the family's yard December 23, 2006. Flyers were distributed around the family's Ariana area neighborhood in Lakeland for a few months after the dog disappeared, but the family eventually gave up. They didn't believe they would never see their pet again.

"I never thought we would see him again," said Kendra. "I was in total shock when they called." The family now lives in the Bartow area.

Kayla said the family had just lost a pet to an illness a couple of weeks ago. "I've been so sad; it's like a miracle that Cane was found now."

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