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Medical marijuana debate packs Polk State College | News

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Medical marijuana debate packs Polk State College

Winter Haven, Florida -- The Polk State College auditorium filled up fast. People on both sides of the issue took their seats to hear the pros and cons of medical marijuana in an open forum debate. But at least one person argued against it -- Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

"This is a wolf in sheep's clothing, tugging on the heartstrings of the good people of Florida," said Judd.

The sheriff didn't venutre into the science of pot, only his concerns about the amendment's wording and what he calls its true intent.

"The amendment as it is written is not about medical marijuana. Instead, it is the first step to legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes," said Judd.

One of the cannabis advocates who spoke in favor of medical marijuana was a mother with a severely debilitated child.

"It isn't fair that my child, who has severe seizures, should have to wait for politics. He needs cannabis now because it is the only thing that we've tried that works. It is much less harmful, much less addictive, and much less toxic than the host of prescription drugs he has taken," said Kim Sobecki.

Several issues surrounding cannabis were discussed, including access, dosage, cultivation, and more.

As clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Jeff Reddout expressed, "The rhetoric of this issue is still operating in the extremes. It's either too dire or too rosy, and the truth is somewhere in the middle."

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