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Deadly shooting in Winter Haven rips apart family | News

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Deadly shooting in Winter Haven rips apart family

Winter Haven, Florida-- A mother is accused of shooting and killing her own adult daughter in Winter Haven Monday night. Adele Bing told police it was all an accident, but she's charged with second-degree murder.

Evidence tape and drops of blood on the apartment's front door give hints of Monday night's tragedy. But the shooting that left 25-year old Ruby Bing dead out front has bizarre twists and turns.

"It's like something out of a movie," said Jarvis Marshall, a family friend.

You see, police say Ruby Bing was shot to death by her own mother, Adele Bing.  Adele, 52, is under arrest and charged with second-degree murder.

The deadly violence that shattered this family began at the apartment with a fight between Adele and her boyfriend James Lane. While Lane was being questioned at Winter Haven hospital, Ruby Bing knocked-some witnesses say even banged-on her mother's door.

Adele told investigators she thought it was Lane returning to hurt her, so Adele came to the door armed with a baseball bat and a pistol.

"She answered the door with apparently a loaded hand gun," said Winter Haven Police Captain David Brannan. "According to her statement, she answered the door and the gun went off."

People in the neighborhood heard the shot and Adele screaming as she cradled her bloodied daughter. "She said, 'tell me my baby's not gone," said Sally Newcomb, sickened by the disturbing events just a few doors down. Ruby died at the scene.

And here's the next twist, Ruby was holding her four-month-old baby when she was shot. The child was unharmed.

Marshall, a former neighbor, says mom and daughter were like best friends and his heart goes out to this family suffering in so many ways. 

"It's heart wrenching," he says. "For it to happen at the hands of the mother, my prayers go out for her and the family."


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