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Gas price hike just in time for Thanksgiving travel | News

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Gas price hike just in time for Thanksgiving travel

Tampa, Florida -- About two million people in Florida are expected to travel for Thanksgiving, but before they fill up their stomachs, they'll be filling up their tanks and they'll be paying more to do that.

Gas prices in the state are rising. Since last week, the average price for a gallon of regular has jumped 18 cents.

We caught up with Veena Chezhian filling up on Monday, and she does have some regrets.

"I forgot to fill with gas last week," she says with a laugh.

With the spike in prices, your Thanksgiving trip to visit grandma will cost a bit more.

How much more?

Say your car gets 25 miles per gallon, compared to last week's prices, your round trip to Daytona Beach will run you about $2.32 more; heading to Miami, an extra $3.84, and to Tallahassee and back $4.26.

AAA spokesperson Jessica Brady says consumers may notice the hike, but the price jump isn't enough for consumers to cancel their travel plans.

"It does put a damper on disposable income, it makes travel much more pricey," says Brady. "But we don't expect it to have an impact on overall travel."

Brady says the recent price spikes we're seeing in Florida are the result of production problems at four Gulf Coast refineries.

No matter where or when you drive, one way to help you save is to use a mobile phone app like GasBuddy. It uses real-time reports from thousands of fellow drivers to list the cheapest prices in the area.

And price is important to Gloria Roman. She's filling up Monday at a station on Fletcher featuring low prices, because she's traveling to Orlando for Thanksgiving.

"I've got to drive to Orlando, that's why I put in the gasoline here, because I know -- all the other places, I'm going to find higher prices."


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