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Bullying victim's mother to sue girls' parents | News

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Bullying victim's mother to sue girls' parents

Orlando, Florida -- Tricia Norman, the mother of bullying victim Rebecca Sedwick, says she's going on a crusade. A crusade that involves litigation and legislation to, as she puts it, "make society a safer place to live."

Norman's 12-year-old daughter Rebecca Sedwick took her own life earlier this year after officials say she was bullied by two other girls.

On Monday, Norman announced she was going to be filing a wrongful death civil suit against the girls and their families. 

"I intend to hold them accountable to the full extent of the law," Norman told reporters during a news conference in Orlando.

"I feel like feel like I'm living a nightmare and I can't wake up," she added. "I keep waiting for it to be over but it never ends. My heart aches constantly, my body is num. I can 't sleep, my happiness no longer exists, my baby is gone."

Norman along with attorney Matt Morgan of the Orlando-based law firm Morgan and Morgan also announced on Monday that they hoped to change Florida's bullying law while creating a new federal law in honor of Sedwick.

"For whatever reason it has become fashionable to be cruel to our peers, it's an epidemic that has reached a tipping point," Morgan said.

Morgan says the new proposed state law, dubbed Rebecca's Law, would criminalize bullying. He says the proposed federal law would also outline policies and procedures to help prevent kids from being bullied at school.

Monday was also the first time Norman has spoken to the media sincecharges against the girls accused of bullying her daughter were dropped. Norman didn't specifically address that development but did say, "I keep waiting for an apology I know will never come. This lack of personal responsibility is beyond upsetting."


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