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Lakeland couple adopts family of 5 siblings | News

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Lakeland couple adopts family of 5 siblings

Lakeland, Florida-- There are five siblings- Brie, Shelby, Haley, Lily and Brody- and they are a handful. 

Alan and Christy Naumowicz are the brave souls who adopted them and welcomed them home to their five acre ranch in Lakeland.

"It's overwhelming to most people- chaos actually, but organized chaos. People don't understand that. We have a system; it just doesn't seem like it," Christy said, laughing.

For reasons unknown, Christy and Alan had trouble having their own children, so they looked into adoption and wanted siblings, but no more than three, at first. 

That, however, quickly changed when they met this bunch.

"We met them and I fell in love the first day...at least I did," Christy said.

"From day one, we said we didn't want to go any further unless we knew 100 percent this is what we want to do, and from that day forward we were committed," said Alan.

The new parents admit there are challenges. The children came from multiple foster homes with little discipline and poor conditions. They would hoard food, fight, eat until they were sick, and go to the bathroom anywhere. However, all those struggles brought a gift they never expected.

"We make a great team. They told us it's very trying on a marriage, but since the kids have been in our lives, I think we've become stronger," Alan said.

Despite the behavioral problems, the hygiene issues and the strain it brings, it is tough love- something these children have needed and wanted. 

Have an interest in adoption? Click here fore more information from Adoptflorida.org- a resource provided by the Florida Department of Children and Families online.


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