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Bullying victim's mother announces website | News

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Bullying victim's mother announces website

Lakeland, Florida -- More than 100 children sit and listen to Tricia Norman, the mother of Rebecca Sedwick, the 12-year-old who jumped to her death at an abandoned concrete plant in Lakeland because she couldn't take being bullied anymore.

Norman has turned her daughter's death into a crusade to stop bullying, and on the football field of the Brandon Cowboys little league, she made that plea.

"Today I bring a special gift from Rebecca that ends this horrific curse on our children and our nation. Her gift is SafeCircles," said Norman.

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Norman is announcing her involvement in safecircles.me -- a safe social media site for children that continuously monitors for bullying. The owner of the website contacted Norman because of what happened to Rebecca.

"He just told me he knew how I felt, and that he knew it was a huge problem and we needed to work together. All parents of bullied kids need to work together," said Norman.

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Parents who brought their children to the football field are also taking part, making sure they step in to stop bullying if they see it.

"I've seen girls messing with other girls and I will get out of the car and say to them, 'You know this isn't right, don't you?'" said concerned parent Krystal Smith. 

"I'd like to see bullying in the whole world end, but we gotta take baby steps," said Norman.


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