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Bullying a problem at Sedwick's old school | News

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Bullying a problem at Sedwick's old school

Lakeland, Florida -- Teddy bears, balloons and a letter from a dear friend were placed at the old cement plant where 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick died.

Katy Alach, a mother of two, works down the street. The plant is now a reminder every day...

"A little girl felt alone," she says. "I want her to be at peace. No one can hurt her anymore."

But Rebecca's mother says school officials could have helped stop her daughter's pain but didn't; she complained to Crystal Lake Middle School staff and filed a bullying report with the district.

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"I told them that Becca is being threatened, that these girls are gonna jump her," recalls Tricia Norman. Norman says she was told the bullies would be talked to, but her daughter "still got jumped."

Students and parents say bullying is a problem at the Crystal Lake Middle. 

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Alexander Howard Koreck says he's been bullied. "They yell, kick hit, say you are nothing, look at you like you are nothing."

Former student Lindsay Nivens says reporting the bullying is a problem too.

"When you do tell staff, you get picked on more by kids for snitching them out," she says. 

Do the staff respond to the increased bullying? 

"No," replies Lindsay. "They blow it off."

Polk School District officials say the bullying complaint Rebecca's mother filed was forwarded to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Grady Judd is expected to discuss the outcome of that investigation on Thursday.

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