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Need free help to save your home?
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Need free help to save your home?

Winter Haven, FL -- With thousands of homeowners still losing their homes to foreclosure, the local Judicial Circuit Court of Florida which covers Polk, Hardee and Highlands county has created a free foreclosure mediation program.

The local court is offering this service that is based upon the Collins Center for Public Policy Foreclosure Mediation Program.

This program, which is run by many local agencies, court systems and counties across the state, provides an opportunity for local homeowners and their bank or lenders to find solutions to and hopefully resolve the foreclosure case out of court system.

Of course, the primary goal of mediation is to find some type of solution that allows the home owner to stay in their home, if possible, and that also satisfies the lenders financial needs.

So, a total of three local agencies and/or courts have partnered together to offer this option. Central Florida Mediation Group has joined together with the Collins Center to manage the 10th Circuit's foreclosure mediation program.

The mediation program is provided at no expense to the home owner, and a professional, well trained mediator is tasked with finding a solution to the mortgage crisis that is being experienced.

For more information on the free mediation progrom and how to apply log on here.  

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