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Bond set for pedophile book author | News

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Bond set for pedophile book author

Bartow, Florida -- A judge in Florida has set bail for a Colorado man who wrote a how-to guide for pedophiles.

Phillip Greaves of Pueblo, Colo., is charged with violating Florida's obscenity law, a third-degree felony. Polk County Judge John Kirkland on Wednesday set bail at $15,000.

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Greaves is the author of The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure. The book holds graphic depictions of how to molest children and instructions on how to get away with it.

An undercover Polk County detective got Greaves to send him an autographed copy of the book, so detectives flew to Colorado and had Greaves arrested for breaking Florida's obscenity laws.

10 News reporter Preston Rudie questioned Greaves as he was led into the Polk County Jail in Bartow Tuesday.

"The sheriff characterizes this book as a book about raping and molesting children, how do you characterize it?" Rudie asked.

"I characterize it as a book of showing people who have been improperly represented," Greaves replied.

"And also telling people how they can go about to improve their own lives and so that these people that are being incarcerated now can possibly be rehabilitated," he continued.

Greaves said his work is protected by the First Amendment.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd responded that just like threatening the president or talking about bombs at an airport, there are some forms of speech that do not get First Amendment protection under the law.

"The guy is clearly trying to instruct people how to sexually abuse children," Judd said.

"A step-by-step instruction guide with real life examples? That's against the obscenity law in Florida and were excited to take it to court," he added.

Judd said he consulted with the State Attorney's Office and got a warrant from a judge before moving forward.

Greaves chose not to fight extradition and allowed himself to be brought to Polk County to stand trial.

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