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Cleared of murder charges, Lakeland father still can't see son | News

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Cleared of murder charges, Lakeland father still can't see son
Cleared of murder charges, Lakeland father still can't see son

Lakeland, FL - For 15 months straight, Timothy King, 33, of Lakeland sat in a jail cell, accused of killing his own daughter.

The state said King beat 5-month-old Kyra King to death in July of 2009.

"I know I didn't do anything wrong and I knew the truth would come to light one day. I just didn't know when," King told 10 News on Tuesday night.

The state dropped the charges last Thursday in light of new evidence involving another infant death at the same daycare where Kyra was the day she died.

"It was sad that another child had to pass to shine some light on my case.  That's why I say this moment is so bittersweet for me because now another family has to go through what we went through," said King.

His family is still going through it.  King has not been allowed to be in the same room with his wife, Christy, and son, T.J., since police arrested him a year and a half ago.

Back then, due to the murder charges, a judge had ordered King to have "no contact" with his 5-year-old son.

While he was in jail, his son turned six and lost his first tooth.  King already has the reunion with his son planned in his head.  "I'm going to grab him and hold him and hug him and probably cry a little bit."

Even though King has been a free man since last week, that "no contact" order is still in effect.  King has to literally go through the motions and petition the order in front of a judge.

That takes time.

"I just got to take it one day at a time."

With only four days left until Christmas, time is running out for this father to get his one wish.  "That I could be with my son for Christmas.  That's all I want for Christmas," said King.

The Department of Children and Families originally advised the judge to keep King away from his son.  10 News talked with Ann Berner, the head of DCF on Tuesday, who said she still has "grave reservations" about lifting the order.

The reason, she says, is because of medical evidence that indicates Kyra was hurt while in her father's care.

King says he understands DCF has a job to do.  He just hopes the agency clears him quickly enough so he doesn't miss any more memories with his son.


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