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Mulberry has water again | News

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Mulberry has water again

Mulberry, Florida - At Mulberry's only dental office Tuesday morning, no one was opening wide. With little or no water coming from the instruments, office staff had to make cancellation after cancellation.

And even when water flows again, it will have to be boiled for several days, which Dr. Masoud Farzaneh says will be as painful for his business as a toothache.

"Time is very important for a small business - especially right now - every day is important for small business," says the dentist.

Local schools were also taught a lesson in water supply. The Polk County district shipped in bottled water to the four Mulberry schools.

Sue Allums, the lunchroom manager at Purcell Elementary, learned of the potential problem last night and quickly changed the menu to PB & J sandwiches. "You try to keep items on hand in case of an emergency that you can fall back on," says Allums.

And with 460 kids eating and drinking, a couple of portable toilets and hand sanitizer also came in handy. "It was our best friend today," says Purcell Principal Beth Nave, holding a bottle of sanitizer.

Around noon, Mulberry did get some water flowing. The city tapped into a Polk County hydrant and used some 36-hundred feet of fire hose to connect to the city's system.

But the hose hookup isn't a permanent faucet fix. The water system went down when a pump motor failed. City manager Frank Satchel couldn't say what caused the part to break or if proper maintenance was an issue.

"That can happen with anything; that can happen driving along, your transmission goes out, you're driving along and you can't drive any further," Satchel said.

Satchel also did not know what the cost to the city might be for the use of Polk County water.

At about 4:30 pm, Satchel told 10 News that workers were about to replace the motor for the pump and that he expected the water system to be running within the next several hours.

However, health officials advise boiling the water if it's going to be used for drinking or cooking. That rule will apply for the next several days until the water passes repeated safety tests.


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