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Lakeland PD's problems "so much deeper" than sex scandal | News

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Lakeland PD's problems "so much deeper" than sex scandal

Lakeland, Florida -- Your chance to hear directly from the people at the center of the Lakeland Police Department's sex scandal investigation comes Monday night.

City leaders and staff will field questions in a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. inside The Lakeland Center's Youkey Theater.

Lakeland P.D. continues to take heat over the sex scandal that's been described as a "national embarrassment."

Now State Attorney Jerry Hill is talking one-on-one with 10 News. It's his investigation that brought much of the sex scandal to light. Hill says the sex scandal is terrible, but there are other serious problems too.

"They've got training issues, they've got timelessness issues, they've got completing investigation issues, they've got supervision issues," Hill said. "So it goes so much deeper than this high profile sex scandal."

State Attorney Hill indicated to 10 News Investigator Noah Pransky that he doesn't have confidence in Chief Lisa Womack.

The overarching sex investigation involves ten-plus officers and city employees engaged in a sexual underground at Lakeland P.D. for more than a decade.

But there are also allegations of officers slacking off on police work and a woman who says a Lakeland officer told her to lift up her bra and shake it along the side of the road.

Hill says he's deeply concerned over a number of DUI cases he believes will likely be thrown out because some officers just can't be trusted.

Chief Womack last week said her department is reviewing 350 recent DUI cases for that reason. On top of that, the chief says supervisors are going over every kind of case that's set to go to trial soon.

Still, Hill said his staff will not use testimony from some officers because he believes their credibility is worthless and a jury would not believe them.

The total number of firings and resignations from these various scandals is up to at least six officers.


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