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"Show and Tell" images of breast cancer survivors | News

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"Show and Tell" images of breast cancer survivors

Tampa, FL -- Take a moment and consider what your body would look like if you had both of your breasts removed. 

Breast cancer patients have told us in the past, they didn't know where they could look to find answers about changes following surgery. One place is in the book Show and Tell.

Sue Friedman is the founder of the national non-profit support group Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered or FORCE. She put the images and stories together so that you could see images of different women who have battled breast cancer baring it all- both literally and figuratively.

Some women have undergone reconstruction, others haven't. There's also a password-protected photo gallery on the FORCE website where you can also upload your own post-mastectomy photos. To buy a book or get involved in sharing your story with FORCE, click here.

"It's so great to me that we have access to a community that again is so willing to share. They're willing to share what their bodies look like after mastectomy," Friedman said. "I personally am in the book. I thought it was important if I was going to ask people to volunteer to show their breasts, that I be willing to do it too."

Friedman said she also featured herself in the book to better display how different reconstruction surgeries can be. 

"I have two different types of reconstruction, and there are so many different types of reconstruction right now," she said. "That's an area of the field that's been improving and involving, so it's important for women to do their research on that too before they make a decision."

When asked how she feels about her work with FORCE, Friedman said, "It's really gratifying to be able to help women in that way and know that we have that resource, and really hundreds of photos of different outcomes after mastectomy and different options."

To share your breast cancer survivor story with Anchor Heather Van Nest, click here.


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