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Radon exposure among top lung cancer causes | News

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Radon exposure among top lung cancer causes

Tampa, Florida -- It's one of the top killers in the U.S., and while we know smoking and second hand smoke cause lung cancer, there's another one you may not have considered.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas found in soil and construction materials. Five to 15 percent of lung cancers are attributed to radon exposure. 

According to the EPA, four counties in our viewing area have moderate potential for increased levels -- Hillsborough, Polk, Sumter, and Citrus. 

However, snowbirds living in the Northeast or Midwest should be more concerned as it's more of a geographic issue in those parts of the country. Early detection of lung cancer is not as advanced as breast cancer, and you may not even know you have the disease.

Moffitt Cancer Center Dr. Matthew Schabath told 10 News often lung cancer patients do not show any symptoms. Research shows many patients are repeatedly treated for pneumonia instead of diagnosed with lung cancer.

The state recommends radon resistant construction in the majority of the Bay area. An inexpensive test can help you find out if your home is at risk.

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