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Teacher at Sea Scheduled to Skype with Students | News

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Teacher at Sea Scheduled to Skype with Students
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Teacher at Sea Scheduled to Skype with Students

Polk County, Florida -- Mary St. Denis, a science instructor at Winter Haven High, is a “Teacher at Sea” thanks to the C-IMAGE Gulf of Mexico Teacher at Sea Program. She recently qualified to participate in the projects’ 2013 expedition focused on zooplankton survey and deep ocean sediments.

The mission of the C-IMAGE cruises is to help understand fundamental questions about the Deep Water Horizon event and subsequent impacts on the plankton population, reef and fish communities and the microbial communities. The teachers are considered part of the scientific crew and participate in the at sea research which includes collections of plankton, fishes and deep sea sediment samples for data.

Teacher participants are encouraged to maintain ship to shore communications via social media such as blogs and live video conferencing via SKYPE with formal and informal classrooms. Ms. St. Denis is keeping true to the mission of the project and posting blogs at: http://adventuresatsea.blog.usf.edu. There you will find some of the amazing work she’s doing while on her voyage at sea.

She is scheduled to Skype with students during a 7th period AP Environmental class scheduled on Monday, May 20, 2013.  

Ms. St. Denis will be at sea until Thursday, May 23. The program is sponsored by the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science.

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