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Charges to be dropped against Bartow "bottle bomb" student | News

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Charges to be dropped against Bartow "bottle bomb" student

BARTOW, Florida - The State Attorney's Office will drop charges against Keira Wilmot if she completes a diversion program for setting off a bottle bomb at Bartown High School.

On April 22, Wilmot admitted to mixing household chemicals in a small plastic bottle that exploded on school grounds.

The 11th grader was suspended from Bartow High School and now attends a school for at-risk youths.

"We still have another half of this battle to go through and work out," said Wilmot's Lakeland attorney, Larry Hardaway.

Details of the diversion program remain under wraps while Hardaway tries to get her back into school.

In a statement, school officials said, "The Polk County School District will take the State Attorney's decision into consideration in determining what, if any, further disciplinary action is appropriate."

Wilmot's arrest and suspension sparked national attention, and a petition on Change.org called for the charges to be dropped.

The principal at Bartow High School called Wilmot an exemplary student who is interested in robotics, science, and plays cello in the high school band. Others also weighed in on Wilmot's troubles, including a man said to have sparked her interest in science.

"The consequences that she suffered for what she did were way beyond what she did," said Roderic Brame, Wilmot's tutor. Since the 9th grade, Brame has inspired her interest in robotics and earth science.

"We're just hoping she can get off to college and not have any things in the way to keep her out," said Brame.

Wimot's mother told 10 News that she the past few weeks have been incredibly stressful on everyone, and that the family is relieved that the charges have been dropped.

She also said that she's worried the arrest will continue to be on Kiera's record and is working on trying to make sure there are no long-term consequences.


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