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Petition to help "Bartow Bomb" student gets thousands of signatures | News

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Petition to help "Bartow Bomb" student gets thousands of signatures

Bartow, Florida - A petition drive is underway on change.org urging the state attorney to drop charges against Kiera Wilmot. 

She's the student who faces tough charges after bringing what officials deemed to be a "bomb" to class.

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Her friends, family and other supporters say Wilmot is a good student who made a mistake and should not be treated so severely.

At last count, at least 170,000 had signed the petition.

Here's how it reads:

To: Joe Hall, Chief of Police

Ronald Pritchard, Bartow Senior Principal

Dr. John A. Stewart, Superintendent of Schools, Polk County School District

Sergeant David Wyant, Public Information Officer

Jerry Hill, State Attorney

Tammy Glotfelty, Assistant State Attorney

I am contacting you to demand you drop charges against Kiera Wilmot. She has committed no crime - she had no malicious intent! To charge a 16 year old as an adult for such a violent felony when there has been no ill intent, no injuries, no property damage, is not only ridiculous - it is unjust. It is the Bartow Police Mission Statement that:

"The mission of the Bartow Police Department is to improve the quality of life for the City's residents and visitors through shared community values and partnerships with the Community and City Government."

How can you really say you are working to improve your residents' quality of life when you are actively pursuing such an unjust punishment for this young, promising woman? How are you improving her life and what are you teaching others through these actions?

Please, do the right thing. Do not file charges against Kiera Wilmot.


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If you're interested in seeing the petition for youself, click here.


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