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Money Mondays: Proper docs needed to claim cash | News

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Money Mondays: Proper docs needed to claim cash

Tampa, Florida-- The first Money Monday in February was quite the night! 

As you may know, we partnered with the state's unclaimed cash and property bureau and hosted a phone bank to help our viewers see if they had any money just sitting in that account.

We answered your questions on our 10 News Facebook page, and we also told you how the state gave us a list of people who are due part of $50 million in life insurance money that they never even knew about.

Cheryl Kelly watched our newscast that night, then Searched her husband's name and found an unclaimed cash account with more than $17,000.

It is easy to search the state's database, but It's NOT always easy to claim the money, unless you have documentation that ties you to the account.

"They're asking for records that average people don't have to go this far back. If people are good record keepers, they purge records every 4, 5 or maybe 6 years," said Cheryl.  

We checked with the state and unfortunately, in Cheryl's case, this account doesn't have a social security number associated with it- making it tough for her husband to claim it without documentation from 12 years ago.

Many viewers that night did, however, find some unclaimed cash! 

According to the state, after our phone bank and online search almost 3,000 people have filled out claim forms for more than $629,000!

With the Right documentation, they can collect the cash!


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