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Many stores open for last-minute shopping | News

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Many stores open for last-minute shopping

Tampa, Florida -- Many stores around Tampa Bay are open on Christmas Eve, eager to help you check things off your last-minute shopping list.

Stores would be perfectly happy if you just wrapped your gifts in shopping bags -- you would shop so last-minute, that there's no time to put a gift in paper before you stuff it under the tree.

Black Friday was more than a month ago, so many Bay area stores are hoping for a rush of people over the Saturday-Sunday-Monday leading up to Christmas.

Several stores stayed open 24 hours through this past weekend. Macy's just closed for the first time in days late Sunday night.

Toys R Us is still open. They will have clocked 112 straight hours by the time they close at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Many retailers have extended hours on Dec. 24.

Think about it. If your business is capitalism -- making money -- here's the deal:

If you make up to 40 percent of your revenue each year in November and December -- and for some retailers, that's the case -- doesn't it make sense to be open every possible minute of November and December?

Of course, it's cutting into the spirit of the season.

We're supposed to treasure time with our families, not stand in check-out lines nor work the cash registers.

There's another reason retailers are working overtime right now: They finally have a leg up on online options.

In most cases, you would struggle to buy something online on Christmas Eve and have it to unwrap the following morning.

So stores that compete heavily with online sellers are eagerly awaiting you on Dec. 24.

Barnes & Noble is open until 6 p.m.

Best Buy opens at 8 a.m. or earlier and will be open till at least 5 p.m., depending on the location.

Toys R Us again is open till 10 p.m. and is even having special sales valid only on the last two days before Christmas.

Target stores close at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Walmart closing times vary by location on Christmas Eve, but all of the retailer's stores eventually will close. Walmart will not be open on Christmas Day.


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