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Reaction to Cassidy Goodman sentencing | News

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Reaction to Cassidy Goodman sentencing

LAKELAND, Fla. -- There was outrage Wednesday night over the sentencing of a teenager for killing her newborn son. Cassidy Goodson was given 18 months at a juvenile jail.

On the 10 News Facebook page, a majority of viewers seemed to think the sentence should have been longer and harsher.

"Completely unacceptable," wrote one viewer.

Jim Krohne wrote, "I guess the judge wanted to ensure she was out in time to go to the prom. Can't let a thing like murder get in the way."

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said this was a horrific case where no one came out a winner. "What we're looking for is what's in the best interest now of the 14-year-old. The child she murdered, she's got to pay. There has to be a penalty for that, but we've got to try to craft a penalty so that she doesn't lose her entire life," said Sheriff Judd.

Cassidy went into labor September 19 in the bathroom of her Lakeland home. She then pried the baby out with scissors and delivered the child alive and into the toilet. Investigators said she then choked her child to death and hid the baby in a shoebox. The 9.5 pound boy was found three days later.

Everyone involved in the case, however, seemed to be in agreement that the now 15- year-old deserved a second chance.

"Everybody cared about a young girl who had never been in any trouble before in her life and has a tremendous amount of potential, and no one wanted to throw that potential away," said Cassidy's attorney, Howardene Garrett.

And on our 10 News Facebook page, quite a few others do agree. Maria Green wrote, "Regardless of what anyone believes or thinks ... she is still a child and those involved in the case obviously saw the potential for rehabilitation ..."

Jenny Kinney wrote, "I am not happy to hear this ... but she needs help and I would doubt she would've gotten it in prison. No one knows this poor girl's story ... ONLY HER." 


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