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Teen accused of killing her newborn may reach plea | News

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Teen accused of killing her newborn may reach plea

Bartow, Florida --  There's word that the Lakeland teenager accused of killing her newborn may enter into a plea agreement Wednesday in Bartow's Polk County Court.

Cassidy Goodson, 14, is charged as an adult as she faces a first degree murder charge and a charge of aggravated assault in the death of her newborn baby boy.

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10 News has learned that later this afternoon, Goodson and her attorneys are expected to appear in Judge Donald Jacobsen's courtroom.

Detectives say Goodson went into labor September 19th in a bathroom at her home, took a pair of scissors to "pry the baby out," and delivered the child alive and into the toilet.

Investigators say Cassidy lifted the moving infant from the toilet, felt for a pulse, found one, then placed her hands around the infant's neck and squeezed until he wasn't moving or breathing any longer. She took the infant's pulse again and found none.

Detectives add that Cassidy cleaned up the bathroom, bathed herself and the dead infant before placing him in a shoebox along with soiled towels and clothing.

Authorities say the girl's mother did take her to Lakeland Regional Medical Center that day, after seeing a mess in the bathroom, and the teen claimed she miscarried.

The mother found the baby's body in a shoebox three days later.

According to detectives, the teen admitted to choking the newborn. The baby was a full term, 9.5 pound boy. Cassidy weighs 100 lbs.
According to detectives, the teen hid the pregnancy from her parents, however family members had told her mother they thought the teen may be pregnant.

Wednesday's hearing is set for 2:15 p.m.


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