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Dee Dee Moore could testify Monday | News

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Dee Dee Moore could testify Monday

Tampa, FL -- They are the faces of Dee Dee Moore; the 40-year old crying, acting distraught, pensive, playful, demonstrative and today expressing happiness.

In fact all day Friday Moore -- who is accused of killing lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare -- flashed her smile and at times seemed on the verge of laughing.

It was a far cry from Thursday when Judge Emmett Battles admonished Moore for her emotional courtroom outbursts.

"Miss Moore, I'm going to tell you once again you need to compose yourself. Do you understand that?" Circuit Judge Emmett Battles told Moore.

Court Papers: Abraham Shakespeare/Dee Dee Moore murder case documents

But behind Moore's smile, prosecutors say is a cold blooded killer who was motivated by just one thing: Shakespeare's money.

An economic crimes analyst testified Friday that when Moore met Shakespeare, he had roughly $1.5 million left of his $17 million winnings. Moore virtually drained all his remaining money after taking over his bank accounts, prosecutors say.

The big question in the trial remains will Moore testify in her own defense. At one point on Friday, Moore could be seen telling her attorneys, "I can't wait." But was that in response to a question about her taking the stand or something else? With Moore, it's often hard to tell.

The murder trial will resume Monday morning and if convicted Moore, could get life in prison.

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