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Dee Dee Moore suffers medical emergency | News

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Dee Dee Moore suffers medical emergency

Tampa, Florida - Friday, the drama in the Dee Dee Moore murder trial continued to escalate. This week Moore has broken down in tears, made faces and gestures and on this day she explained to the judge in the case that she suffered a medical emergency.

She told Judge Emmett Battles, "My tongue swelled up really bad last night and they admitted me in the infirmary."

It was the third day of testimony after two days of jury selection when Moore told Judge Battles, "I had anaphylactic shock, because they gave me a medicine called Bactrim for a kidney infection. I was allergic to it. I had an allergic reaction to it."

Moore also complained about her restraints compromising her comfort. She said, "I had problems with my ankles having cuts, because I was wearing the cuffs every day."

But Battles nipped it in the bud by explaining, "The bottom line is, you've received the medical care you need."

A doctor was brought in to check Moore out and she was told to double up on the socks she wears to court to protect her ankles from the shackles.

Judge Battles has already reprimanded Moore in court twice before. During jury selection he told her, "Ms. Moore I've cautioned you about these proceedings and any gestures, facial expressions, audible comments showing approval or disapproval are not acceptable."

10 News spoke with Sean Keefe, a former prosecutor, about Dee Dee Moore's shenanigans in court.

Keefe says, "If a client of mine has been accused of orchestrating an elaborate murder plot for pecuniary gain that involved going to great lengths to trick law enforcement and to mislead investigators, that the last thing in the world you want is for the jurors to think that you're trying to trick them or that you're trying to con them now."

Keefe says even though the judge has removed the jury before reprimanding Moore each time, those delays could still impact the jury. He adds, "Whenever they think a defendant is not taking a charge seriously when the jurors themselves are taking it very seriously... it's only going to hurt a defendant. It's not going to help them."

The trial resumes Monday morning. Dee Dee Moore is facing life in prison if she's convicted.


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