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Bartow Police: "Please stop the gridlock - or else" | News

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Bartow Police: "Please stop the gridlock - or else"
Bartow Police: "Please stop the gridlock - or else"

Bartow, Florida -- Bartow police say the construction along Highway 98, North Broadway Avenue, continues to create traffic congestion during the morning and afternoon rush.

One big problem? As people wait for traffic to clear, the light is changing, and the back-ups are creating grid-lock.

So now, police say Bartow Police officers will be monitoring the intersections along Van Fleet Drive (HWY 60), Main Street and North Broadway Avenue (HWY 98) during peak travel times to detect the violators who block intersections.

Citations are $164 and 3 points against a driver's license.

Gridlock creates other issues as well, say police. Travel time and fuel are wasted, air pollution increases and tempers flare. It is hazardous to vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

It's not just a request, cops say it's the law.

The department is citing Florida Statute 316.2061, which states that "drivers should not enter intersections or crosswalks unless there is space on the other side of the intersection or crosswalk to allow the driver to make it all the way across without stopping and blocking the cross traffic."

When approaching an intersection while in heavy traffic, drivers must be sure that there is enough space on the other side of the intersection to allow them to make it all the way across.

If there is not enough space, polcie say drivers should stop before the intersection until such time that there is adequate room on the other side. Otherwise, they get "caught in the middle" and are in violation.

The fact that the traffic light was green upon entering an intersection is not an excuse or a plausible defense to a citation.


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