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Polk Health Dept. issues July 4 tips | Health

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Polk Health Dept. issues July 4 tips
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Polk Health Dept. issues July 4 tips

Bartow, Florida -- With the July 4th holiday coming up and the return of hot weather, the Florida Department of Health in Polk County is reminding all residents and visitors to take reasonable precautions during summer activities.

As people enjoy the warm weather and many outdoor activities, it is important to take simple steps that will help prevent avoidable illness and injury.

Precautions are advised to decrease the possibility of illness or injury when enjoying summer activities.

They include: 

Wear nose clips or hold your nose when swimming, jumping, or diving in any fresh water - Closed nostrils reduce your risk of infection by the amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, which causes a rare but life-threatening condition. This naturally occurring amoeba thrives in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperature and low water volume.

Do not swim or stir up sediment in warm standing water. Seek prompt medical attention if you become ill after swimming in any freshwater body.

Avoid areas with obvious algae blooms. Contact with algal blooms may cause skin rash, runny nose, and burning eyes.

And be water safe. Do not go into the water unless you know how to swim. Never swim if you are impaired, and never enter the water during or when expecting a storm. Always swim with a partner, and supervise children constantly.

Drink plenty of fluids, protect your skin and eyes, store food properly, keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Place coolers away from directly sunlight. Refrigerate leftovers right away.

Use proper hygiene by washing hands frequently, especially when handling food or after bathroom use. Use hand sanitizer if water is not available.

Avoid feeding or contact with wildlife. Natural areas are home to many animals, including snakes, raccoons, otters and alligators. Keep your distance.

And protect others. Don't litter. Discarded glass and trash can cause injury to bathers and wildlife. Please dispose of trash properly.

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