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Bartow Citrus execs say OJ evokes good feelings, memories | Environment

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Bartow Citrus execs say OJ evokes good feelings, memories
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Bartow Citrus execs say OJ evokes good feelings, memories

Bartow, FL --The Florida Department of Citrus in Bartow has just released the findings of a new study that suggests orange juice isn't just good for the body, but good for the soul too!

New research from the Florida Department of Citrus found drinking orange juice actually made participants feel positive, carefree and rejuvenated.

"Through a patented research process designed to reveal unconscious emotions, consumers shared their thoughts and feelings about orange juice and its role in their lives," said the study.

Findings showed that while participants view their daily life as a "hard road," the simple act of drinking orange juice provides a momentary "escape" to a more positive mindset.

The rejuvenating feelings they get from a glass of orange juice helps give them the energy and resolve to take on the day.

Research participants also shared positive emotions about orange juice through analogies and memories.

For example, one respondent, according to the research, likened orange juice to a "water station" in the marathon of life, while another described life as an everyday battle in which orange juice helps to "carry you through the day and help you win the war." Another participant shared, "orange juice almost makes me feel like a child again, where I was comfortable, cozy, and secure."

The link between orange juice and a more positive outlook revealed through in-depth interviews with a small group of participants was also supported by a recent survey of 1,002 adults nationwide, which showed more than half of the respondents believe drinking a glass of orange juice provides an energizing boost, while 33 percent said it is a simple way to help improve their mood.

Furthermore, when American adults drink orange juice, 56 percent of those surveyed said they feel rejuvenated, followed by calm, positive, happy and alive.

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a positive psychology expert and author of The How of Happiness, suggests the positive power of orange juice may do even more for people: her research shows happiness can actually lead to a more successful and fulfilled life.

In fact, studies suggest happy people are more energetic and productive, have richer networks of friends, are better leaders and have stronger immune systems.

"No life is without stress or adversity, but by stepping back and appreciating the simple things, you can look at the bigger picture and learn to cope with obstacles. Such adjustments are small, but can have a big impact on many areas of your life," said Dr. Lyubomirsky.

Environment, Health, News

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