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Neighbors react to woman set on fire incident | Crime

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Neighbors react to woman set on fire incident

Lakeland, Florida -- A man accused of setting his wife on fire is caught on camera in a convenience store. 

In the surveillance video, you can see a man who the store's manager identifies as Joshua Kimbrough walk into the store shirtless, sneak toward the back of the store--far away from the camera--then later walk out with a shirt on. 

The manager says Kimbrough snuck in shirtless during a busy rush, and by the time he could see what was going on, it was too late to do anything.

Kimbrough is facing numerous charges, including attempted first-degree murder for allegedly setting his wife, Megan, on fire with flammable liquids, burning 80 percent of her body. Detectives say Kimbrough then stopped his wife as she tried to run out of the house to extinguish herself.

"[Neighbors] further observed her clothing to melt off her body while skin was also being burned away," according to Kimbrough's affidavit.

The Lakeland Police Department says after Kimbrough burned his wife, he went on a crime spree that included the carjacking at a convenience store and a home burglary.

"It was really shocking to me because there are kids around the neighborhood," says neighbor Rashena Williams. "What if children were to see that? What if my child was to see that? It's really shocking to me. It's really sad because she didn't deserve that."


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