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Denison Middle's field trip, Ambassador program | Community Spirit

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Denison Middle's field trip, Ambassador program
Denison Middle's field trip, Ambassador program

Winter Haven’s Denison Middle had two major activities near the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

Students visited Lake Wales’ HEART Institute, a training center that prepares people to serve overseas as missionaries.  HEART is an acronym for “Hunger, Education, And Resource Training.”  The institute seeks to simulate overseas conditions and help people develop practical, technical and problem solving skills enabling them to adapt and cope with challenges they may face as missionaries.

Students visited various stations at HEART. These stations were an extension of what students were learning in the classroom in subjects that included science and social studies. 

One station was a fish farm where students learned about raising tilapia. Tilapia is an effective form of small-scale fish farming in developing countries. Tilapia fish are easy to grow and do not require the same intensive care as other fish species.

Other stations included an organic garden where they learned the importance of nutrient-rich soil and a primitive kitchen where they rolled tortillas and tasted goat meat.

They learned about water pump designs, water purification systems and the pros and cons of different meat sources around the world.

In addition to the field trip, Denison Middle School hosted its second annual “sneak peak” for future sixth graders. Nearly 350 students came to campus for a tour acclimating them to the middle school experience. Students leading the newcomers are called Denison Ambassadors.

After the tour, the Denison Ambassadors led visiting students through classes and answered questions to acquaint the future Panthers. A Denison Ambassador is a honor and privilege that many Denison students aspire to become. In order to become an ambassador, students must have a record of high achievement including GPA, behavior and attendance requirements. They must also receive a teacher’s recommendation.  

Before leaving campus, visiting students were given a summer calendar and a Denison Cool School bracelet as a souvenir.


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