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Why do they call it that? Dundee
Why do they call it that? Dundee

One hundred years ago, a man from another part of the planet came to the Bay area and started naming stuff. Among them: the town of Dundee.

Why do they call it Dundee?

In 1910, a fella named Mr. Menzie came to this beautiful Polk County hill country and started naming stuff.

"Aye, I'll be namin' this lake Lake Menzie" he may have said with a deep brogue as he overlooked a pristine freshwater lake.

Oh, did I mention he was from Scotland?

Yeah, he's from Scotland.

"And this new town, it'll be called Dundee," he may have continued. "I'll name it after my bee-utiful hometown of Dundee, Scotland."

It worked out pretty well. The very next year, a railroad line came through, headed from Haines City to Sebring.

A railroad depot -- that still stands today as the Railroad Depot Museum -- was built, and Dundee became the first stop on the new line.

Citrus growers with an urge for clever names came to town and created the Dun-D Growers Association. It's still pumping out fruit nearly 90 years later.

And developers rolled into town on the train, too. They brought along a clever business plan.

If you buy a plot of prime land in Dundee to build your new home, we'll refund the price of your train ticket.

If you don't buy anything -- well, buddy you're on your own.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

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