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PICS: Bay area crews helping in Northeast face wind, snow | Community Spirit

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PICS: Bay area crews helping in Northeast face wind, snow
PICS: Bay area crews helping in Northeast face wind, snow

Tampa, Florida -- We're seeing impressive photos of the rough conditions facing Tampa Bay crews traveling north to help the area hit by back-to-back storms.

And more help from our area will be heading north in just a few hours. There's a team planning to fly out of Tampa International Airport just after 8:30 Friday morning.

All of the flights leaving Tampa are on time and on schedule right now, which means airports in the Northeast are up and running after a Nor'easter storm followed on the heels of Superstorm Sandy.

Photo Gallery: Florida crews in the wind and snow pictures

But plenty of other services are still not available to tens of thousands of people.

Our neighbors are trying to help fix that, even if they're operating in some unfamiliar weather -- snow.

Lakeland Electric posted photos to the City of Lakeland's Facebook page and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission posted photos to Facebook as well.

Trucks are coated with snow and workers are bundled up in driving rain.

You can imagine, some of these great people have never even seen snow. Now they're driving and working in it.

The Fish and Wildlife officers are backing up local law enforcement in some of New Jersey's devastated beach communities.

The city says the Lakeland line crews worked in driving rain on Long Island until 1 p.m. on Thursday. That's when the rain turned to snow. They kept going.

Finally, at 4 o'clock, conditions got too rough and they had to stop for the day.

Still, they managed to get the power back on to hundreds of houses. That means some of the comforts we're all taking for granted here can finally come back for families up there.

Not long after sunrise, a team of emergency managers from Pinellas County will be gathering at the airport in Tampa to fly to New York City.

They plan to lend their expertise -- and really their energy -- to workers up north who have been going nonstop for nearly two weeks.

10 News will be with them when they assemble at the airport and we'll tell you what they're most concerned about on 10 News at 9 a.m.

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