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Local autistic boy gets his stolen bike back

Winter Haven, Florida-- The shiny, red bike that sits in Tristan Couture-Roller's Winter Haven driveway, is like a badge of honor. 

"This was everything to him. We've tried for years to get him to ride a bike," beams Tristan's mom, Stephanie Couture-Roller.

Tristan is 12-year-old boy with autism, and learning to ride a bike wasn't easy.

"We tried for years to get him to ride a bike. Finally you give up and say 'there are some things your kid may not get to do one day'."

Local company claims card data breach prevention

Lakeland, Florida - Banks and big retailers are duking it out after massive data breaches. The retailers say banks need to update the security technology for debit and credit cards, while banks say even though newer computer chip technology wouldn't have helped, they still need to tighten-up their "payment-processing systems".

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Lakeland city manager knew interim police chief was being investigated

Lakeland, Florida -- The Lakeland Police Department has been under scrutiny following nearly seven months of scandal. Just in the past week, Police Chief Lisa Womack resigned and the state attorney released a scathing investigative summary about her resulting in the city manager putting her on administrative leave.

Now, Larry Giddens, the man appointed as the interim chief, is also in the hot seat.

Accused bully's mother gets probation for child abuse

Lakeland, Florida -- The mother of one of the girls who was accused of bullying 14-year-old Rebecca Sedwick pleaded guilty to counts of child abuse Monday.

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Bok Tower Gardens to receive $12 million makeover

LAKE WALES, Fla. (AP) - Bok Tower Gardens, a central Florida landmark, is aiming for a $12 million renovation.

The cost will pay for the creation of new gardens and restoration of existing ones, all tethered by a new, hard-surface path, giving full access to the disabled and parents with strollers. Annual members have raised all but $4.3 million of the needed funds.

Lakeland Mayor reacts to latest LPD developments

Lakeland, Florida - An outspoken critic of Lakeland Mayor Police Chief Lisa Womack is reacting to the latest developments out of the department.

"We knew there was some things going on," said Mayor Howard Wiggs.

He is responding to two issues: the State Attorney's report that showed she tried to get her nephew a job even though he wasn't qualified, and a retired Lakeland Police Officer who said he was threatened by the new interim chief.

Man walks into Polk Co. schools, steals property

Polk County, Florida -- Polk County deputies are searching for a man who has been stealing personal property from teachers during school hours at various schools.

Authorities say Don Stephens has a lengthy criminal history for theft and is a suspect in at least three school thefts in Polk County Schools. Stephens has entered three schools and stolen wallets and purses from teachers who thought he was a custodian.